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FileManager Input english dictionnary. More...


$this trads ['input_filemanager_defaultfoldertitle'] = 'Website documents'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_filesize'] = 'Size'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_filemodification'] = 'Modified'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_fileselection'] = 'File'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_filedimensions'] = 'Dimensions'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_selectobject'] = 'Select'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_folder'] = 'Folder'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_view_columns'] = 'Columns view'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_view_list'] = 'List view'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_view_bigicons'] = 'Large icon view'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_view_smallicons'] = 'Small icon view'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_view_slider'] = 'Slide view'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_action_file'] = 'Upload a file'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_action_folder'] = 'New folder'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_action_trash'] = 'Delete'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_action_reload'] = 'Reload interface'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_action_download'] = 'Download'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_action_rename'] = 'Rename'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_intofolder'] = 'Into'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_folderpopuptitle'] = 'New folder'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_filepopuptitle'] = 'Upload a file'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_fileloadingpopuptitle'] = 'File upload in progress...'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_maxfilesize'] = 'Max size: %s '
$this trads ['input_filemanager_trashpopuptitle'] = 'Delete a file or a folder'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_trashfile'] = 'Do you confirm the deletion of this item?'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_renamepopuptitle'] = 'Rename a file or a folder'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_renamefile'] = 'Rename a file or a folder may broke some link. Rename an item only if you are sure.'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_listname'] = 'Name'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_listtype'] = 'Type'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_listsize'] = 'Size'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_listdate'] = 'Modification date'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_xelements'] = '%s items'
$this trads ['input_filemanager_xelement'] = '%s item'

Detailed Description

FileManager Input english dictionnary.

Plugin / Input Dictionnary

CaMykS Team
Creation: Jun 2007
Modification: Jul 2018
This program is distributed as is - WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Variable Documentation

$this trads['input_filemanager_defaultfoldertitle'] = 'Website documents'
$this trads['input_filemanager_filesize'] = 'Size'
$this trads['input_filemanager_filemodification'] = 'Modified'
$this trads['input_filemanager_fileselection'] = 'File'
$this trads['input_filemanager_filedimensions'] = 'Dimensions'
$this trads['input_filemanager_selectobject'] = 'Select'
$this trads['input_filemanager_folder'] = 'Folder'
$this trads['input_filemanager_view_columns'] = 'Columns view'
$this trads['input_filemanager_view_list'] = 'List view'
$this trads['input_filemanager_view_bigicons'] = 'Large icon view'
$this trads['input_filemanager_view_smallicons'] = 'Small icon view'
$this trads['input_filemanager_view_slider'] = 'Slide view'
$this trads['input_filemanager_action_file'] = 'Upload a file'
$this trads['input_filemanager_action_folder'] = 'New folder'
$this trads['input_filemanager_action_trash'] = 'Delete'
$this trads['input_filemanager_action_reload'] = 'Reload interface'
$this trads['input_filemanager_action_download'] = 'Download'
$this trads['input_filemanager_action_rename'] = 'Rename'
$this trads['input_filemanager_intofolder'] = 'Into'
$this trads['input_filemanager_folderpopuptitle'] = 'New folder'
$this trads['input_filemanager_filepopuptitle'] = 'Upload a file'
$this trads['input_filemanager_fileloadingpopuptitle'] = 'File upload in progress...'
$this trads['input_filemanager_maxfilesize'] = 'Max size: %s '
$this trads['input_filemanager_trashpopuptitle'] = 'Delete a file or a folder'
$this trads['input_filemanager_trashfile'] = 'Do you confirm the deletion of this item?'
$this trads['input_filemanager_renamepopuptitle'] = 'Rename a file or a folder'
$this trads['input_filemanager_renamefile'] = 'Rename a file or a folder may broke some link. Rename an item only if you are sure.'
$this trads['input_filemanager_listname'] = 'Name'
$this trads['input_filemanager_listtype'] = 'Type'
$this trads['input_filemanager_listsize'] = 'Size'
$this trads['input_filemanager_listdate'] = 'Modification date'
$this trads['input_filemanager_xelements'] = '%s items'
$this trads['input_filemanager_xelement'] = '%s item'