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IndigoFlatStyle Class Reference
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Theme Plugin

Public Member Functions

 __construct ($path_type)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Theme
 __construct ($name, $path_type)
 Theme ($name, $path_type)
 initialise ()
 initialise_adminMode ()
 get_parts ()
 get_included_parts ()
 get_main_css ()
 get_included_main_css ()
 get_editor_css ()
 get_editorCSSURL ()
 get_part ($part, $data=array())
 get_pictURL ($item, $size=12, $position='std')
 get_pictURLWithName ($pict)
 get_pictHTMLTag ($params=array())
 get_bar ($params='', $style='')
 get_barComplete ($params='', $style='')
 get_barLeft ($params='')
 get_barRight ()
 get_barButton ($params='', $url='', $id='', $style='')
 get_barItem ($params, $id='', $style='')
 get_boxHeader ($params='')
 get_boxTitleBar ($title='')
 get_boxTabsBar ($tabs, $params, $mover='', $mout='', $selected='')
 get_boxButtonsBar ($buttons=array())
 get_boxContent1Header ($more='')
 get_boxContent2Header ($more='')
 get_boxContent1Footer ()
 get_boxContent2Footer ()
 get_boxContentHeader ($more='')
 get_boxContentFooter ()
 get_boxFooter ()
 get_lightBoxHeader ($style='')
 get_lightBoxFooter ()
 get_button ($params, $url='', $style='')
 get_layeredMenu ($name, $objectname, $content)
 get_layeredMenuHeader ($name, $objectname)
 get_layeredMenuSeparator ()
 get_layeredMenuNoLinkItem ($item=array())
 get_layeredMenuLinkItem ($item=array())
 get_layeredMenuFooter ()
 get_mainIcon ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Plugin
 __construct ($name, $plugin_type, $path_type)
 get_version ()
 load_library ($library='')
 load_file ($file='')
 load_varFile ($file='')
 load_engineFile ($file='')
 get_engineFileURL ($file='', $path=false)
 get_fileURL ($file='', $path=null, $default='')
 get_varFileURL ($file='', $path=false, $default='')
 get_filePath ($file='')
 get_varFilePath ($file='')
 add_JSFile ($file)
 add_JSEngineFile ($file)
 add_JSExternFile ($file)
 add_JSScript ($script, $unique=false)
 add_JSPreScript ($script, $unique=false)
 add_JSWindowEventScript ($event, $script, $unique=false)
 add_JSLoadScript ($script, $unique=false)
 add_JSUnloadScript ($script, $unique=false)
 add_styleFile ($file, $media='', $condition='')
 add_styleScript ($css)
 add_styleIncludedFile ($file)
 add_StyleExternFile ($file, $media='', $condition='')
 set_RSSFeed ($title, $url)
 add_headerExtra ($content='')
 install ()
 uninstall ()
 is_installed ()
 update ($version, $more='')
 add_translation ($more='', $lg=null)
 get_translation ($value, $data=null)
 get_languages ()
 execute_onCaMykSInitialise ()
 execute_onCaMykSPageLoad ()
 execute_onCaMykSBodyOpen ()
 execute_onCaMykSBodyClose ()
 execute_onCaMykSAdminPageLoad ()
 execute_onCaMykSAdminBodyOpen ()
 execute_onCaMykSAdminBodyClose ()
 execute_onCaMykSTerminate ()
 get_requestLink ($params=array())
 get_requestJSLink ($params=array())
 execute_request ()
 get_varFile ($file)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Theme
 $partsLoaded = false
 Are parts loaded. More...
 $parts = array()
 Are parts loaded. More...
 $responsiveStyles = array()
 Define responsiveness of theme. More...
 $touchIcons = array()
 Define available touch icons. More...
 $useEnhancedSelectInputs = false
 Set useEnhancedSelectInputs to default value. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from Plugin
 Plugin name. More...
 Plugin version. More...
 $active = false
 Plugin installation status. More...
 $plugin_package = ''
 Plugin package. More...
 Plugin type. More...
 Plugin type. More...
 Plugin path. More...
 Plugin site path (for element overwriting). More...
 Plugin var path. More...
 Plugin URL. More...
 Plugin site URL (for element overwriting). More...
 Plugin var URL. More...
 Plugin path type. More...
 Plugin author name. More...
 Plugin author email. More...
 Plugin author group. More...
 $plugin_dependencies = array()
 Plugin dependencies. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Plugin
 set_redirect ($time, $url='')
 add_meta ($name, $content, $method='name')
 add_toHtaccess ($content='')
 add_dependency ($plugin, $type, $version='1.0', $mandatory=false)
 set_dependencies ()
 register_asSharedObject ($name)
get_sharedObject ($name)
 register_asExtension ($plugin)
 get_registeredExtensions ()
 register_asCaMykSEventHandler ($event)

Detailed Description

IndigoFlatStyle Theme class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __construct()

IndigoFlatStyle::__construct (   $path_type)

Class constructor.


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