CaMykS  1.0-20210101
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Variables File Reference


$this website = ''
 CaMykS static configuration. More...
$this version = '1.0-20210101'
 CaMykS full version. More...
$this mversion = '1.0'
 CaMykS major version. More...
$this nversion = '20210101'
 CaMykS minor version. More...
$this last_modification_date = mktime(0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 2021)
 CaMykS last modification date. More...
$this engine_folder = 'engine'
 CaMykS engine folder. More...
$this plugin_folder = 'plugin'
 CaMykS plugin folder. More...
$this conf_folder = 'etc'
 CaMykS configurtion folder. More...
$this var_folder = 'var'
 CaMykS var folder. More...
$this cache_folder = 'cache'
 CaMykS cache folder. More...
$this file_extension = ''
 CaMykS script files extensions. More...
$this folder_name = 'camyks'
 CaMykS parent folder name. More...
$this default_language = 'fr'
 CaMykS default language. More...

Variable Documentation

string $this cache_folder = 'cache'

CaMykS cache folder.

string $this conf_folder = 'etc'

CaMykS configurtion folder.

string $this default_language = 'fr'

CaMykS default language.

string $this engine_folder = 'engine'

CaMykS engine folder.

string $this file_extension = ''

CaMykS script files extensions.

string $this folder_name = 'camyks'

CaMykS parent folder name.

integer $this last_modification_date = mktime(0, 0, 0, 1, 1, 2021)

CaMykS last modification date.

string $this mversion = '1.0'

CaMykS major version.

string $this nversion = '20210101'

CaMykS minor version.

string $this plugin_folder = 'plugin'

CaMykS plugin folder.

string $this var_folder = 'var'

CaMykS var folder.

string $this version = '1.0-20210101'

CaMykS full version.

string $this website = ''

CaMykS static configuration.

Automatically loaded by CaMykS object.

Engine / Configuration file

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Modification: Dec 2020
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