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USA states italian dictionnary. More...


$this trads ['usastate_al'] = 'Alabama'
$this trads ['usastate_ak'] = 'Alaska'
$this trads ['usastate_az'] = 'Arizona'
$this trads ['usastate_ar'] = 'Arkansas'
$this trads ['usastate_ca'] = 'California'
$this trads ['usastate_nc'] = 'Carolina del Nord'
$this trads ['usastate_sc'] = 'Carolina del Sud'
$this trads ['usastate_co'] = 'Colorado'
$this trads ['usastate_ct'] = 'Connecticut'
$this trads ['usastate_nd'] = 'Dakota del Nord'
$this trads ['usastate_sd'] = 'Dakota del Sud'
$this trads ['usastate_de'] = 'Delaware'
$this trads ['usastate_fl'] = 'Florida'
$this trads ['usastate_ga'] = 'Georgia'
$this trads ['usastate_hi'] = 'Hawaii'
$this trads ['usastate_id'] = 'Idaho'
$this trads ['usastate_il'] = 'Illinois'
$this trads ['usastate_in'] = 'Indiana'
$this trads ['usastate_ia'] = 'Iowa'
$this trads ['usastate_ks'] = 'Kansas'
$this trads ['usastate_ky'] = 'Kentucky'
$this trads ['usastate_la'] = 'Louisiana'
$this trads ['usastate_me'] = 'Maine'
$this trads ['usastate_md'] = 'Maryland'
$this trads ['usastate_ma'] = 'Massachusetts'
$this trads ['usastate_mi'] = 'Michigan'
$this trads ['usastate_mn'] = 'Minnesota'
$this trads ['usastate_ms'] = 'Mississipi'
$this trads ['usastate_mo'] = 'Missouri'
$this trads ['usastate_mt'] = 'Montana'
$this trads ['usastate_ne'] = 'Nebraska'
$this trads ['usastate_nv'] = 'Nevada'
$this trads ['usastate_nh'] = 'New Hampshire'
$this trads ['usastate_nj'] = 'New Jersey'
$this trads ['usastate_nm'] = 'Nuovo Messico'
$this trads ['usastate_ny'] = 'New York'
$this trads ['usastate_oh'] = 'Ohio'
$this trads ['usastate_ok'] = 'Oklahoma'
$this trads ['usastate_or'] = 'Oregon'
$this trads ['usastate_pa'] = 'Pennsylvania'
$this trads ['usastate_ri'] = 'Rhode Island'
$this trads ['usastate_tn'] = 'Tennessee'
$this trads ['usastate_tx'] = 'Texas'
$this trads ['usastate_ut'] = 'Utah'
$this trads ['usastate_vt'] = 'Vermont'
$this trads ['usastate_va'] = 'Virginia'
$this trads ['usastate_wv'] = 'Virginia Occidentale'
$this trads ['usastate_wa'] = 'Washington'
$this trads ['usastate_wi'] = 'Wisconsin'
$this trads ['usastate_wy'] = 'Wyoming'

Detailed Description

USA states italian dictionnary.

Engine / Dictionnary

CaMykS Team
Creation: Jun 2017
Modification: Apr 2018
This program is distributed as is - WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Variable Documentation

$this trads['usastate_al'] = 'Alabama'
$this trads['usastate_ak'] = 'Alaska'
$this trads['usastate_az'] = 'Arizona'
$this trads['usastate_ar'] = 'Arkansas'
$this trads['usastate_ca'] = 'California'
$this trads['usastate_nc'] = 'Carolina del Nord'
$this trads['usastate_sc'] = 'Carolina del Sud'
$this trads['usastate_co'] = 'Colorado'
$this trads['usastate_ct'] = 'Connecticut'
$this trads['usastate_nd'] = 'Dakota del Nord'
$this trads['usastate_sd'] = 'Dakota del Sud'
$this trads['usastate_de'] = 'Delaware'
$this trads['usastate_fl'] = 'Florida'
$this trads['usastate_ga'] = 'Georgia'
$this trads['usastate_hi'] = 'Hawaii'
$this trads['usastate_id'] = 'Idaho'
$this trads['usastate_il'] = 'Illinois'
$this trads['usastate_in'] = 'Indiana'
$this trads['usastate_ia'] = 'Iowa'
$this trads['usastate_ks'] = 'Kansas'
$this trads['usastate_ky'] = 'Kentucky'
$this trads['usastate_la'] = 'Louisiana'
$this trads['usastate_me'] = 'Maine'
$this trads['usastate_md'] = 'Maryland'
$this trads['usastate_ma'] = 'Massachusetts'
$this trads['usastate_mi'] = 'Michigan'
$this trads['usastate_mn'] = 'Minnesota'
$this trads['usastate_ms'] = 'Mississipi'
$this trads['usastate_mo'] = 'Missouri'
$this trads['usastate_mt'] = 'Montana'
$this trads['usastate_ne'] = 'Nebraska'
$this trads['usastate_nv'] = 'Nevada'
$this trads['usastate_nh'] = 'New Hampshire'
$this trads['usastate_nj'] = 'New Jersey'
$this trads['usastate_nm'] = 'Nuovo Messico'
$this trads['usastate_ny'] = 'New York'
$this trads['usastate_oh'] = 'Ohio'
$this trads['usastate_ok'] = 'Oklahoma'
$this trads['usastate_or'] = 'Oregon'
$this trads['usastate_pa'] = 'Pennsylvania'
$this trads['usastate_ri'] = 'Rhode Island'
$this trads['usastate_tn'] = 'Tennessee'
$this trads['usastate_tx'] = 'Texas'
$this trads['usastate_ut'] = 'Utah'
$this trads['usastate_vt'] = 'Vermont'
$this trads['usastate_va'] = 'Virginia'
$this trads['usastate_wv'] = 'Virginia Occidentale'
$this trads['usastate_wa'] = 'Washington'
$this trads['usastate_wi'] = 'Wisconsin'
$this trads['usastate_wy'] = 'Wyoming'