CaMykS  1.0-20200901
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Variables File Reference

CaMykS required plugins configuration. More...


$this neededModules
 CaMykS required module list. More...
$this neededInputs = array()
 CaMykS required input list. More...
$this neededTemplates
 CaMykS required template list. More...
$this neededThemes = array()
 CaMykS required theme list. More...

Detailed Description

CaMykS required plugins configuration.

Automatically loaded by CaMykS object.

Engine / Configuration file

CaMykS Team
Creation: Jun 2005
Modification: Jun 2018
This program is distributed as is - WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Variable Documentation

array $this neededInputs = array()

CaMykS required input list.

array $this neededModules
Initial value:
= array(
'Tool_ControlPanel' => array('name'=>'Tool_ControlPanel', 'version'=>'1.0'),
'Tool_Login' => array('name'=>'Tool_Login', 'version'=>'1.0'),
'Tool_InfoBar' => array('name'=>'Tool_InfoBar', 'version'=>'1.0'),
'Admin_User' => array('name'=>'Admin_User', 'version'=>'1.0'),
'Admin_Group' => array('name'=>'Admin_Group', 'version'=>'1.0'),
'Admin_Site' => array('name'=>'Admin_Site', 'version'=>'1.0'),
'Admin_ContentPage' => array('name'=>'Admin_ContentPage', 'version'=>'1.0'),
'Admin_PluginManager' => array('name'=>'Admin_PluginManager', 'version'=>'1.0'),

CaMykS required module list.

array $this neededTemplates
Initial value:
= array(
'AdminPage' => array('name'=>'AdminPage', 'version'=>'1.0'),

CaMykS required template list.

array $this neededThemes = array()

CaMykS required theme list.