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French departments spanish dictionnary. More...


$this trads ['frenchdepartment_01'] = 'Ain'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_02'] = 'Aisne'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_03'] = 'Allier'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_04'] = 'Alpes de Alta provenza'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_05'] = 'Altos Alpes'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_06'] = 'Alpes-Marítimos'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_07'] = 'Ardèche'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_08'] = 'Ardenas'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_09'] = 'Ariège'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_10'] = 'Aube'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_11'] = 'Aude'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_12'] = 'Aveyron'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_13'] = 'Bocas del Ródano'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_14'] = 'Calvados'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_15'] = 'Cantal'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_16'] = 'Charente'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_17'] = 'Charente Marítimo'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_18'] = 'Cher'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_19'] = 'Corrèze'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_20'] = 'Córcega'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_2a'] = 'Córcega del Sur'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_2b'] = 'Alta Córcega'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_21'] = 'Côte-d\'Or'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_22'] = 'Côtes-d\'Armor'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_23'] = 'Creuse'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_24'] = 'Dordoña'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_25'] = 'Doubs'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_26'] = 'Drôme'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_27'] = 'Eure'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_28'] = 'Eure y Loir'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_29'] = 'Finisterre'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_30'] = 'Gard'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_31'] = 'Alto Garona'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_32'] = 'Gers'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_33'] = 'Gironda'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_34'] = 'Hérault'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_35'] = 'Ille y Vilaine'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_36'] = 'Indre'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_37'] = 'Indre y Loira'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_38'] = 'Isère'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_39'] = 'Jura'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_40'] = 'Landas'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_41'] = 'Loir y Cher'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_42'] = 'Loira'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_43'] = 'Alta Loira'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_44'] = 'Loira Atlántico'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_45'] = 'Loiret'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_46'] = 'Lot'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_47'] = 'Lot y Garona'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_48'] = 'Lozère'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_49'] = 'Maine y Loira'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_50'] = 'Mancha'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_51'] = 'Marne'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_52'] = 'Alto Marne'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_53'] = 'Mayenne'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_54'] = 'Meurthe y Mosela'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_55'] = 'Mosa'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_56'] = 'Morbihan'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_57'] = 'Moselle'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_58'] = 'Nièvre'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_59'] = 'Norte'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_60'] = 'Oise'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_61'] = 'Orne'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_62'] = 'Paso de Calais'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_63'] = 'Puy-de-Dôme'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_64'] = 'Pirineos Atlánticos'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_65'] = 'Altos Pirineos'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_66'] = 'Pirineos Orientales'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_67'] = 'Bajo Rin'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_68'] = 'Alto Rin'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_69'] = 'Ródano'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_70'] = 'Alto Saona'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_71'] = 'Saona y Loira'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_72'] = 'Sarthe'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_73'] = 'Saboya'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_74'] = 'Alta Saboya'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_75'] = 'París'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_76'] = 'Sena Marítimi'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_77'] = 'Sena y Marne'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_78'] = 'Yvelines'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_79'] = 'Deux-Sèvres'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_80'] = 'Somme'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_81'] = 'Tarn'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_82'] = 'Tarn y Garona'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_83'] = 'Var'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_84'] = 'Vaucluse'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_85'] = 'Vendée'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_86'] = 'Vienne'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_87'] = 'Alto Vienne'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_88'] = 'Vosgos'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_89'] = 'Yonne'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_90'] = 'Territorio de Belfort'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_91'] = 'Essonne'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_92'] = 'Altos del Sena'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_93'] = 'Sena-San Denis'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_94'] = 'Valle del Marne'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_95'] = 'Valle del Oise'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_98'] = 'Monaco'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_971'] = 'Guadelupe'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_972'] = 'Martinica'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_973'] = 'Guayana Francesa'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_974'] = 'La Reunión'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_975'] = 'Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_976'] = 'Mayotte'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_977'] = 'Saint-Barthélemy'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_978'] = 'Saint-Martin'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_986'] = 'Wallis-et-Futuna'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_987'] = 'Polynésie Fran├žaise'
$this trads ['frenchdepartment_988'] = 'Nouvelle-Calédonie'

Detailed Description

French departments spanish dictionnary.

Engine / Dictionnary

CaMykS Team
Creation: Jun 2017
Modification: Apr 2018
This program is distributed as is - WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Variable Documentation

$this trads['frenchdepartment_01'] = 'Ain'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_02'] = 'Aisne'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_03'] = 'Allier'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_04'] = 'Alpes de Alta provenza'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_05'] = 'Altos Alpes'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_06'] = 'Alpes-Marítimos'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_07'] = 'Ardèche'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_08'] = 'Ardenas'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_09'] = 'Ariège'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_10'] = 'Aube'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_11'] = 'Aude'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_12'] = 'Aveyron'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_13'] = 'Bocas del Ródano'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_14'] = 'Calvados'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_15'] = 'Cantal'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_16'] = 'Charente'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_17'] = 'Charente Marítimo'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_18'] = 'Cher'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_19'] = 'Corrèze'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_20'] = 'Córcega'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_2a'] = 'Córcega del Sur'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_2b'] = 'Alta Córcega'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_21'] = 'Côte-d\'Or'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_22'] = 'Côtes-d\'Armor'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_23'] = 'Creuse'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_24'] = 'Dordoña'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_25'] = 'Doubs'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_26'] = 'Drôme'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_27'] = 'Eure'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_28'] = 'Eure y Loir'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_29'] = 'Finisterre'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_30'] = 'Gard'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_31'] = 'Alto Garona'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_32'] = 'Gers'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_33'] = 'Gironda'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_34'] = 'Hérault'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_35'] = 'Ille y Vilaine'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_36'] = 'Indre'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_37'] = 'Indre y Loira'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_38'] = 'Isère'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_39'] = 'Jura'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_40'] = 'Landas'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_41'] = 'Loir y Cher'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_42'] = 'Loira'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_43'] = 'Alta Loira'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_44'] = 'Loira Atlántico'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_45'] = 'Loiret'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_46'] = 'Lot'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_47'] = 'Lot y Garona'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_48'] = 'Lozère'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_49'] = 'Maine y Loira'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_50'] = 'Mancha'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_51'] = 'Marne'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_52'] = 'Alto Marne'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_53'] = 'Mayenne'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_54'] = 'Meurthe y Mosela'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_55'] = 'Mosa'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_56'] = 'Morbihan'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_57'] = 'Moselle'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_58'] = 'Nièvre'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_59'] = 'Norte'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_60'] = 'Oise'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_61'] = 'Orne'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_62'] = 'Paso de Calais'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_63'] = 'Puy-de-Dôme'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_64'] = 'Pirineos Atlánticos'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_65'] = 'Altos Pirineos'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_66'] = 'Pirineos Orientales'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_67'] = 'Bajo Rin'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_68'] = 'Alto Rin'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_69'] = 'Ródano'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_70'] = 'Alto Saona'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_71'] = 'Saona y Loira'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_72'] = 'Sarthe'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_73'] = 'Saboya'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_74'] = 'Alta Saboya'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_75'] = 'París'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_76'] = 'Sena Marítimi'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_77'] = 'Sena y Marne'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_78'] = 'Yvelines'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_79'] = 'Deux-Sèvres'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_80'] = 'Somme'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_81'] = 'Tarn'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_82'] = 'Tarn y Garona'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_83'] = 'Var'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_84'] = 'Vaucluse'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_85'] = 'Vendée'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_86'] = 'Vienne'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_87'] = 'Alto Vienne'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_88'] = 'Vosgos'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_89'] = 'Yonne'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_90'] = 'Territorio de Belfort'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_91'] = 'Essonne'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_92'] = 'Altos del Sena'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_93'] = 'Sena-San Denis'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_94'] = 'Valle del Marne'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_95'] = 'Valle del Oise'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_98'] = 'Monaco'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_971'] = 'Guadelupe'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_972'] = 'Martinica'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_973'] = 'Guayana Francesa'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_974'] = 'La Reunión'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_975'] = 'Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_976'] = 'Mayotte'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_977'] = 'Saint-Barthélemy'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_978'] = 'Saint-Martin'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_986'] = 'Wallis-et-Futuna'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_987'] = 'Polynésie Fran├žaise'
$this trads['frenchdepartment_988'] = 'Nouvelle-Calédonie'