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Countries enlish dictionnary. More...


$this trads ['country_ad'] = 'Andorra'
$this trads ['country_ae'] = 'United Arab Emirates'
$this trads ['country_af'] = 'Afghanistan'
$this trads ['country_ag'] = 'Antigua and Barbuda'
$this trads ['country_ai'] = 'Anguilla'
$this trads ['country_al'] = 'Albania'
$this trads ['country_am'] = 'Armenia'
$this trads ['country_an'] = 'Netherlands Antilles'
$this trads ['country_ao'] = 'Angola'
$this trads ['country_aq'] = 'Antarctica'
$this trads ['country_ar'] = 'Argentina'
$this trads ['country_as'] = 'American Samoa'
$this trads ['country_at'] = 'Austria'
$this trads ['country_au'] = 'Australia'
$this trads ['country_aw'] = 'Aruba'
$this trads ['country_ax'] = 'Åland islands'
$this trads ['country_az'] = 'Azerbaijan'
$this trads ['country_ba'] = 'Bosnia and Herzegovina'
$this trads ['country_bb'] = 'Barbados'
$this trads ['country_bd'] = 'Bangladesh'
$this trads ['country_be'] = 'Belgium'
$this trads ['country_bf'] = 'Burkina Faso'
$this trads ['country_bg'] = 'Bulgaria'
$this trads ['country_bh'] = 'Bahrain'
$this trads ['country_bi'] = 'Burundi'
$this trads ['country_bj'] = 'Benin'
$this trads ['country_bl'] = 'Saint Barthélemy'
$this trads ['country_bm'] = 'Bermuda'
$this trads ['country_bn'] = 'Nation of Brunei'
$this trads ['country_bo'] = 'Bolivia'
$this trads ['country_bq'] = 'Caribbean Netherlands'
$this trads ['country_br'] = 'Brazil'
$this trads ['country_bs'] = 'The Bahamas'
$this trads ['country_bt'] = 'Bhutan'
$this trads ['country_bv'] = 'Bouvet Island'
$this trads ['country_bw'] = 'Botswana'
$this trads ['country_by'] = 'Belarus'
$this trads ['country_bz'] = 'Belize'
$this trads ['country_ca'] = 'Canada'
$this trads ['country_cc'] = 'Cocos (Keeling) Islands'
$this trads ['country_cd'] = 'Congo (Democratic Republic of the)'
$this trads ['country_cf'] = 'Central African Republic'
$this trads ['country_cg'] = 'Congo'
$this trads ['country_ch'] = 'Switzerland'
$this trads ['country_ci'] = 'Ivory Coast'
$this trads ['country_ck'] = 'Cook Islands'
$this trads ['country_cl'] = 'Chile'
$this trads ['country_cm'] = 'Cameroon'
$this trads ['country_cn'] = 'China'
$this trads ['country_co'] = 'Colombia'
$this trads ['country_cr'] = 'Costa Rica'
$this trads ['country_cs'] = 'Serbia and Montenegro'
$this trads ['country_cu'] = 'Cuba'
$this trads ['country_cv'] = 'Cape Verde'
$this trads ['country_cw'] = 'Curaçao'
$this trads ['country_cx'] = 'Christmas Island'
$this trads ['country_cy'] = 'Cyprus'
$this trads ['country_cz'] = 'Czech Republic'
$this trads ['country_de'] = 'Germany'
$this trads ['country_dj'] = 'Djibouti'
$this trads ['country_dm'] = 'Dominica'
$this trads ['country_dk'] = 'Denmark'
$this trads ['country_do'] = 'Dominican Republic'
$this trads ['country_dz'] = 'Algeria'
$this trads ['country_ec'] = 'Ecuador'
$this trads ['country_ee'] = 'Estonia'
$this trads ['country_eg'] = 'Egypt'
$this trads ['country_eh'] = 'Western Sahara'
$this trads ['country_er'] = 'Eritrea'
$this trads ['country_es'] = 'Spain'
$this trads ['country_et'] = 'Ethiopia'
$this trads ['country_fi'] = 'Finland'
$this trads ['country_fk'] = 'Falkland Islands'
$this trads ['country_fj'] = 'Fiji'
$this trads ['country_fm'] = 'Micronesia'
$this trads ['country_fo'] = 'Faroe Islands'
$this trads ['country_fr'] = 'France'
$this trads ['country_ga'] = 'Gabon'
$this trads ['country_gb'] = 'United Kingdom'
$this trads ['country_gd'] = 'Grenada'
$this trads ['country_ge'] = 'Georgia'
$this trads ['country_gf'] = 'French Guiana'
$this trads ['country_gg'] = 'Guernsey'
$this trads ['country_gh'] = 'Ghana'
$this trads ['country_gi'] = 'Gibraltar'
$this trads ['country_gl'] = 'Greenland'
$this trads ['country_gm'] = 'Gambia'
$this trads ['country_gn'] = 'Guinea'
$this trads ['country_gp'] = 'Guadeloupe'
$this trads ['country_gq'] = 'Equatorial Guinea'
$this trads ['country_gr'] = 'Greece'
$this trads ['country_gs'] = 'South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands'
$this trads ['country_gt'] = 'Guatemala'
$this trads ['country_gu'] = 'Guam'
$this trads ['country_gw'] = 'Guinea-Bissau'
$this trads ['country_gy'] = 'Guyana'
$this trads ['country_hk'] = 'Hong Kong'
$this trads ['country_hm'] = 'Heard Island and McDonald Islands'
$this trads ['country_hn'] = 'Honduras'
$this trads ['country_hr'] = 'Croatia'
$this trads ['country_ht'] = 'Haiti'
$this trads ['country_hu'] = 'Hungary'
$this trads ['country_id'] = 'Indonesia'
$this trads ['country_ie'] = 'Ireland'
$this trads ['country_il'] = 'Israel'
$this trads ['country_im'] = 'Isle of Man'
$this trads ['country_in'] = 'India'
$this trads ['country_io'] = 'British Indian Ocean Territory'
$this trads ['country_iq'] = 'Iraq'
$this trads ['country_ir'] = 'Iran (Islamic Republic of)'
$this trads ['country_is'] = 'Iceland'
$this trads ['country_it'] = 'Italy'
$this trads ['country_je'] = 'Jersey'
$this trads ['country_jm'] = 'Jamaica'
$this trads ['country_jo'] = 'Jordan'
$this trads ['country_jp'] = 'Japan'
$this trads ['country_ke'] = 'Kenya'
$this trads ['country_kg'] = 'Kyrgyzstan'
$this trads ['country_kh'] = 'Cambodia'
$this trads ['country_ki'] = 'Kiribati'
$this trads ['country_km'] = 'Comoros'
$this trads ['country_kn'] = 'Saint Kitts and Nevis'
$this trads ['country_kp'] = 'Korea (Democratic People\'s Republic of)'
$this trads ['country_kr'] = 'Korea (Republic of)'
$this trads ['country_kw'] = 'Kuwait'
$this trads ['country_ky'] = 'Cayman Islands'
$this trads ['country_kz'] = 'Kazakhstan'
$this trads ['country_la'] = 'Laos'
$this trads ['country_lb'] = 'Lebanon'
$this trads ['country_lc'] = 'Saint Lucia'
$this trads ['country_li'] = 'Liechtenstein'
$this trads ['country_lk'] = 'Sri Lanka'
$this trads ['country_lr'] = 'Liberia'
$this trads ['country_ls'] = 'Lesotho'
$this trads ['country_lt'] = 'Lithuania'
$this trads ['country_lu'] = 'Luxembourg'
$this trads ['country_lv'] = 'Latvia'
$this trads ['country_ly'] = 'Libya'
$this trads ['country_ma'] = 'Morocco'
$this trads ['country_mc'] = 'Monaco'
$this trads ['country_md'] = 'Moldova (Republic of)'
$this trads ['country_me'] = 'Montenegro'
$this trads ['country_mf'] = 'Saint-Martin'
$this trads ['country_mg'] = 'Madagascar'
$this trads ['country_mh'] = 'Marshall Islands'
$this trads ['country_mk'] = 'The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia'
$this trads ['country_ml'] = 'Mali'
$this trads ['country_mm'] = 'Burma'
$this trads ['country_mn'] = 'Mongolia'
$this trads ['country_mo'] = 'Macau'
$this trads ['country_mp'] = 'Northern Mariana Islands'
$this trads ['country_mq'] = 'Martinique'
$this trads ['country_mr'] = 'Mauritania'
$this trads ['country_ms'] = 'Montserrat'
$this trads ['country_mt'] = 'Malta'
$this trads ['country_mu'] = 'Mauritius'
$this trads ['country_mv'] = 'Maldives'
$this trads ['country_mw'] = 'Malawi'
$this trads ['country_mx'] = 'Mexico'
$this trads ['country_my'] = 'Malaysia'
$this trads ['country_mz'] = 'Mozambique'
$this trads ['country_na'] = 'Namibia'
$this trads ['country_nc'] = 'New Caledonia'
$this trads ['country_ne'] = 'Niger'
$this trads ['country_nf'] = 'Norfolk Island'
$this trads ['country_ng'] = 'Nigeria'
$this trads ['country_ni'] = 'Nicaragua'
$this trads ['country_nl'] = 'Netherlands'
$this trads ['country_no'] = 'Norway'
$this trads ['country_np'] = 'Nepal'
$this trads ['country_nr'] = 'Nauru'
$this trads ['country_nu'] = 'Niue'
$this trads ['country_nz'] = 'New Zealand'
$this trads ['country_om'] = 'Oman'
$this trads ['country_pa'] = 'Panama'
$this trads ['country_pe'] = 'Peru'
$this trads ['country_pf'] = 'French Polynesia'
$this trads ['country_pg'] = 'Papua New Guinea'
$this trads ['country_ph'] = 'Philippines'
$this trads ['country_pk'] = 'Pakistan'
$this trads ['country_pl'] = 'Poland'
$this trads ['country_pn'] = 'Pitcairn Islands'
$this trads ['country_pm'] = 'Saint-Pierre and Miquelon'
$this trads ['country_pr'] = 'Puerto Rico'
$this trads ['country_ps'] = 'Palestinian Territories'
$this trads ['country_pt'] = 'Portugal'
$this trads ['country_pw'] = 'Palau'
$this trads ['country_py'] = 'Paraguay'
$this trads ['country_qa'] = 'Qatar'
$this trads ['country_qc'] = 'Quebec (Canadian province)'
$this trads ['country_re'] = 'Réunion'
$this trads ['country_ro'] = 'Romania'
$this trads ['country_rs'] = 'Serbia'
$this trads ['country_ru'] = 'Russia'
$this trads ['country_rw'] = 'Rwanda'
$this trads ['country_sa'] = 'Saudi Arabia'
$this trads ['country_sb'] = 'Solomon Islands'
$this trads ['country_sc'] = 'Seychelles'
$this trads ['country_sd'] = 'Sudan'
$this trads ['country_se'] = 'Sweden'
$this trads ['country_sg'] = 'Singapore'
$this trads ['country_sh'] = 'Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha'
$this trads ['country_si'] = 'Slovenia'
$this trads ['country_sj'] = 'Svalbard and Jan Mayen'
$this trads ['country_sk'] = 'Slovakia'
$this trads ['country_sl'] = 'Sierra Leone'
$this trads ['country_sm'] = 'San Marino'
$this trads ['country_sn'] = 'Senegal'
$this trads ['country_so'] = 'Somalia'
$this trads ['country_sr'] = 'Suriname'
$this trads ['country_ss'] = 'South Sudan (Republic of)'
$this trads ['country_st'] = 'Sao Tome and Principe'
$this trads ['country_sv'] = 'El Salvador'
$this trads ['country_sx'] = 'Sint Maarten'
$this trads ['country_sy'] = 'Syrian Arab Republic'
$this trads ['country_sz'] = 'Swaziland'
$this trads ['country_tc'] = 'Turks and Caicos Islands'
$this trads ['country_td'] = 'Chad'
$this trads ['country_tf'] = 'French Southern Territories'
$this trads ['country_tg'] = 'Togo'
$this trads ['country_th'] = 'Thailand'
$this trads ['country_tj'] = 'Tajikistan'
$this trads ['country_tk'] = 'Tokelau'
$this trads ['country_tl'] = 'East Timor'
$this trads ['country_tm'] = 'Turkmenistan'
$this trads ['country_tn'] = 'Tunisia'
$this trads ['country_to'] = 'Tonga'
$this trads ['country_tr'] = 'Turkey'
$this trads ['country_tt'] = 'Trinidad and Tobago'
$this trads ['country_tv'] = 'Tuvalu'
$this trads ['country_tw'] = 'Taiwan (Province of China)'
$this trads ['country_tz'] = 'Tanzania (United Republic of)'
$this trads ['country_ua'] = 'Ukraine'
$this trads ['country_ug'] = 'Uganda'
$this trads ['country_um'] = 'United States Minor Outlying Islands'
$this trads ['country_us'] = 'United States'
$this trads ['country_uy'] = 'Uruguay'
$this trads ['country_uz'] = 'Uzbekistan'
$this trads ['country_va'] = 'Holy See (Vatican City State)'
$this trads ['country_vc'] = 'Saint Vincent and the Grenadines'
$this trads ['country_ve'] = 'Venezuela'
$this trads ['country_vg'] = 'Virgin Islands, British'
$this trads ['country_vi'] = 'Virgin Islands, U.S.'
$this trads ['country_vn'] = 'Vietnam'
$this trads ['country_vu'] = 'Vanuatu'
$this trads ['country_wf'] = 'Wallis and Futuna'
$this trads ['country_ws'] = 'Samoa'
$this trads ['country_xk'] = 'Kosovo'
$this trads ['country_ye'] = 'Yemen'
$this trads ['country_yt'] = 'Mayotte'
$this trads ['country_yu'] = 'Yugoslavia'
$this trads ['country_za'] = 'South Africa'
$this trads ['country_zm'] = 'Zambia'
$this trads ['country_zw'] = 'Zimbabwe'

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Countries enlish dictionnary.

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Modification: Apr 2018
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Variable Documentation

$this trads['country_ad'] = 'Andorra'
$this trads['country_ae'] = 'United Arab Emirates'
$this trads['country_af'] = 'Afghanistan'
$this trads['country_ag'] = 'Antigua and Barbuda'
$this trads['country_ai'] = 'Anguilla'
$this trads['country_al'] = 'Albania'
$this trads['country_am'] = 'Armenia'
$this trads['country_an'] = 'Netherlands Antilles'
$this trads['country_ao'] = 'Angola'
$this trads['country_aq'] = 'Antarctica'
$this trads['country_ar'] = 'Argentina'
$this trads['country_as'] = 'American Samoa'
$this trads['country_at'] = 'Austria'
$this trads['country_au'] = 'Australia'
$this trads['country_aw'] = 'Aruba'
$this trads['country_ax'] = 'Åland islands'
$this trads['country_az'] = 'Azerbaijan'
$this trads['country_ba'] = 'Bosnia and Herzegovina'
$this trads['country_bb'] = 'Barbados'
$this trads['country_bd'] = 'Bangladesh'
$this trads['country_be'] = 'Belgium'
$this trads['country_bf'] = 'Burkina Faso'
$this trads['country_bg'] = 'Bulgaria'
$this trads['country_bh'] = 'Bahrain'
$this trads['country_bi'] = 'Burundi'
$this trads['country_bj'] = 'Benin'
$this trads['country_bl'] = 'Saint Barthélemy'
$this trads['country_bm'] = 'Bermuda'
$this trads['country_bn'] = 'Nation of Brunei'
$this trads['country_bo'] = 'Bolivia'
$this trads['country_bq'] = 'Caribbean Netherlands'
$this trads['country_br'] = 'Brazil'
$this trads['country_bs'] = 'The Bahamas'
$this trads['country_bt'] = 'Bhutan'
$this trads['country_bv'] = 'Bouvet Island'
$this trads['country_bw'] = 'Botswana'
$this trads['country_by'] = 'Belarus'
$this trads['country_bz'] = 'Belize'
$this trads['country_ca'] = 'Canada'
$this trads['country_cc'] = 'Cocos (Keeling) Islands'
$this trads['country_cd'] = 'Congo (Democratic Republic of the)'
$this trads['country_cf'] = 'Central African Republic'
$this trads['country_cg'] = 'Congo'
$this trads['country_ch'] = 'Switzerland'
$this trads['country_ci'] = 'Ivory Coast'
$this trads['country_ck'] = 'Cook Islands'
$this trads['country_cl'] = 'Chile'
$this trads['country_cm'] = 'Cameroon'
$this trads['country_cn'] = 'China'
$this trads['country_co'] = 'Colombia'
$this trads['country_cr'] = 'Costa Rica'
$this trads['country_cs'] = 'Serbia and Montenegro'
$this trads['country_cu'] = 'Cuba'
$this trads['country_cv'] = 'Cape Verde'
$this trads['country_cw'] = 'Curaçao'
$this trads['country_cx'] = 'Christmas Island'
$this trads['country_cy'] = 'Cyprus'
$this trads['country_cz'] = 'Czech Republic'
$this trads['country_de'] = 'Germany'
$this trads['country_dj'] = 'Djibouti'
$this trads['country_dm'] = 'Dominica'
$this trads['country_dk'] = 'Denmark'
$this trads['country_do'] = 'Dominican Republic'
$this trads['country_dz'] = 'Algeria'
$this trads['country_ec'] = 'Ecuador'
$this trads['country_ee'] = 'Estonia'
$this trads['country_eg'] = 'Egypt'
$this trads['country_eh'] = 'Western Sahara'
$this trads['country_er'] = 'Eritrea'
$this trads['country_es'] = 'Spain'
$this trads['country_et'] = 'Ethiopia'
$this trads['country_fi'] = 'Finland'
$this trads['country_fk'] = 'Falkland Islands'
$this trads['country_fj'] = 'Fiji'
$this trads['country_fm'] = 'Micronesia'
$this trads['country_fo'] = 'Faroe Islands'
$this trads['country_fr'] = 'France'
$this trads['country_ga'] = 'Gabon'
$this trads['country_gb'] = 'United Kingdom'
$this trads['country_gd'] = 'Grenada'
$this trads['country_ge'] = 'Georgia'
$this trads['country_gf'] = 'French Guiana'
$this trads['country_gg'] = 'Guernsey'
$this trads['country_gh'] = 'Ghana'
$this trads['country_gi'] = 'Gibraltar'
$this trads['country_gl'] = 'Greenland'
$this trads['country_gm'] = 'Gambia'
$this trads['country_gn'] = 'Guinea'
$this trads['country_gp'] = 'Guadeloupe'
$this trads['country_gq'] = 'Equatorial Guinea'
$this trads['country_gr'] = 'Greece'
$this trads['country_gs'] = 'South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands'
$this trads['country_gt'] = 'Guatemala'
$this trads['country_gu'] = 'Guam'
$this trads['country_gw'] = 'Guinea-Bissau'
$this trads['country_gy'] = 'Guyana'
$this trads['country_hk'] = 'Hong Kong'
$this trads['country_hm'] = 'Heard Island and McDonald Islands'
$this trads['country_hn'] = 'Honduras'
$this trads['country_hr'] = 'Croatia'
$this trads['country_ht'] = 'Haiti'
$this trads['country_hu'] = 'Hungary'
$this trads['country_id'] = 'Indonesia'
$this trads['country_ie'] = 'Ireland'
$this trads['country_il'] = 'Israel'
$this trads['country_im'] = 'Isle of Man'
$this trads['country_in'] = 'India'
$this trads['country_io'] = 'British Indian Ocean Territory'
$this trads['country_iq'] = 'Iraq'
$this trads['country_ir'] = 'Iran (Islamic Republic of)'
$this trads['country_is'] = 'Iceland'
$this trads['country_it'] = 'Italy'
$this trads['country_je'] = 'Jersey'
$this trads['country_jm'] = 'Jamaica'
$this trads['country_jo'] = 'Jordan'
$this trads['country_jp'] = 'Japan'
$this trads['country_ke'] = 'Kenya'
$this trads['country_kg'] = 'Kyrgyzstan'
$this trads['country_kh'] = 'Cambodia'
$this trads['country_ki'] = 'Kiribati'
$this trads['country_km'] = 'Comoros'
$this trads['country_kn'] = 'Saint Kitts and Nevis'
$this trads['country_kp'] = 'Korea (Democratic People\'s Republic of)'
$this trads['country_kr'] = 'Korea (Republic of)'
$this trads['country_kw'] = 'Kuwait'
$this trads['country_ky'] = 'Cayman Islands'
$this trads['country_kz'] = 'Kazakhstan'
$this trads['country_la'] = 'Laos'
$this trads['country_lb'] = 'Lebanon'
$this trads['country_lc'] = 'Saint Lucia'
$this trads['country_li'] = 'Liechtenstein'
$this trads['country_lk'] = 'Sri Lanka'
$this trads['country_lr'] = 'Liberia'
$this trads['country_ls'] = 'Lesotho'
$this trads['country_lt'] = 'Lithuania'
$this trads['country_lu'] = 'Luxembourg'
$this trads['country_lv'] = 'Latvia'
$this trads['country_ly'] = 'Libya'
$this trads['country_ma'] = 'Morocco'
$this trads['country_mc'] = 'Monaco'
$this trads['country_md'] = 'Moldova (Republic of)'
$this trads['country_me'] = 'Montenegro'
$this trads['country_mf'] = 'Saint-Martin'
$this trads['country_mg'] = 'Madagascar'
$this trads['country_mh'] = 'Marshall Islands'
$this trads['country_mk'] = 'The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia'
$this trads['country_ml'] = 'Mali'
$this trads['country_mm'] = 'Burma'
$this trads['country_mn'] = 'Mongolia'
$this trads['country_mo'] = 'Macau'
$this trads['country_mp'] = 'Northern Mariana Islands'
$this trads['country_mq'] = 'Martinique'
$this trads['country_mr'] = 'Mauritania'
$this trads['country_ms'] = 'Montserrat'
$this trads['country_mt'] = 'Malta'
$this trads['country_mu'] = 'Mauritius'
$this trads['country_mv'] = 'Maldives'
$this trads['country_mw'] = 'Malawi'
$this trads['country_mx'] = 'Mexico'
$this trads['country_my'] = 'Malaysia'
$this trads['country_mz'] = 'Mozambique'
$this trads['country_na'] = 'Namibia'
$this trads['country_nc'] = 'New Caledonia'
$this trads['country_ne'] = 'Niger'
$this trads['country_nf'] = 'Norfolk Island'
$this trads['country_ng'] = 'Nigeria'
$this trads['country_ni'] = 'Nicaragua'
$this trads['country_nl'] = 'Netherlands'
$this trads['country_no'] = 'Norway'
$this trads['country_np'] = 'Nepal'
$this trads['country_nr'] = 'Nauru'
$this trads['country_nu'] = 'Niue'
$this trads['country_nz'] = 'New Zealand'
$this trads['country_om'] = 'Oman'
$this trads['country_pa'] = 'Panama'
$this trads['country_pe'] = 'Peru'
$this trads['country_pf'] = 'French Polynesia'
$this trads['country_pg'] = 'Papua New Guinea'
$this trads['country_ph'] = 'Philippines'
$this trads['country_pk'] = 'Pakistan'
$this trads['country_pl'] = 'Poland'
$this trads['country_pn'] = 'Pitcairn Islands'
$this trads['country_pm'] = 'Saint-Pierre and Miquelon'
$this trads['country_pr'] = 'Puerto Rico'
$this trads['country_ps'] = 'Palestinian Territories'
$this trads['country_pt'] = 'Portugal'
$this trads['country_pw'] = 'Palau'
$this trads['country_py'] = 'Paraguay'
$this trads['country_qa'] = 'Qatar'
$this trads['country_qc'] = 'Quebec (Canadian province)'
$this trads['country_re'] = 'Réunion'
$this trads['country_ro'] = 'Romania'
$this trads['country_rs'] = 'Serbia'
$this trads['country_ru'] = 'Russia'
$this trads['country_rw'] = 'Rwanda'
$this trads['country_sa'] = 'Saudi Arabia'
$this trads['country_sb'] = 'Solomon Islands'
$this trads['country_sc'] = 'Seychelles'
$this trads['country_sd'] = 'Sudan'
$this trads['country_se'] = 'Sweden'
$this trads['country_sg'] = 'Singapore'
$this trads['country_sh'] = 'Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha'
$this trads['country_si'] = 'Slovenia'
$this trads['country_sj'] = 'Svalbard and Jan Mayen'
$this trads['country_sk'] = 'Slovakia'
$this trads['country_sl'] = 'Sierra Leone'
$this trads['country_sm'] = 'San Marino'
$this trads['country_sn'] = 'Senegal'
$this trads['country_so'] = 'Somalia'
$this trads['country_sr'] = 'Suriname'
$this trads['country_ss'] = 'South Sudan (Republic of)'
$this trads['country_st'] = 'Sao Tome and Principe'
$this trads['country_sv'] = 'El Salvador'
$this trads['country_sx'] = 'Sint Maarten'
$this trads['country_sy'] = 'Syrian Arab Republic'
$this trads['country_sz'] = 'Swaziland'
$this trads['country_tc'] = 'Turks and Caicos Islands'
$this trads['country_td'] = 'Chad'
$this trads['country_tf'] = 'French Southern Territories'
$this trads['country_tg'] = 'Togo'
$this trads['country_th'] = 'Thailand'
$this trads['country_tj'] = 'Tajikistan'
$this trads['country_tk'] = 'Tokelau'
$this trads['country_tl'] = 'East Timor'
$this trads['country_tm'] = 'Turkmenistan'
$this trads['country_tn'] = 'Tunisia'
$this trads['country_to'] = 'Tonga'
$this trads['country_tr'] = 'Turkey'
$this trads['country_tt'] = 'Trinidad and Tobago'
$this trads['country_tv'] = 'Tuvalu'
$this trads['country_tw'] = 'Taiwan (Province of China)'
$this trads['country_tz'] = 'Tanzania (United Republic of)'
$this trads['country_ua'] = 'Ukraine'
$this trads['country_ug'] = 'Uganda'
$this trads['country_um'] = 'United States Minor Outlying Islands'
$this trads['country_us'] = 'United States'
$this trads['country_uy'] = 'Uruguay'
$this trads['country_uz'] = 'Uzbekistan'
$this trads['country_va'] = 'Holy See (Vatican City State)'
$this trads['country_vc'] = 'Saint Vincent and the Grenadines'
$this trads['country_ve'] = 'Venezuela'
$this trads['country_vg'] = 'Virgin Islands, British'
$this trads['country_vi'] = 'Virgin Islands, U.S.'
$this trads['country_vn'] = 'Vietnam'
$this trads['country_vu'] = 'Vanuatu'
$this trads['country_wf'] = 'Wallis and Futuna'
$this trads['country_ws'] = 'Samoa'
$this trads['country_xk'] = 'Kosovo'
$this trads['country_ye'] = 'Yemen'
$this trads['country_yt'] = 'Mayotte'
$this trads['country_yu'] = 'Yugoslavia'
$this trads['country_za'] = 'South Africa'
$this trads['country_zm'] = 'Zambia'
$this trads['country_zw'] = 'Zimbabwe'