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Countries spanish dictionnary. More...


$this trads ['country_ad'] = 'Andorra'
$this trads ['country_ae'] = 'Emiratos Árabes Unidos'
$this trads ['country_af'] = 'Afganistán'
$this trads ['country_ag'] = 'Antigua y Barbuda'
$this trads ['country_ai'] = 'Anguila'
$this trads ['country_al'] = 'Albania'
$this trads ['country_am'] = 'Armenia'
$this trads ['country_an'] = 'Antillas Neerlandesas'
$this trads ['country_ao'] = 'Angola'
$this trads ['country_aq'] = 'Antártida'
$this trads ['country_ar'] = 'Argentina'
$this trads ['country_as'] = 'Samoa Estadounidense'
$this trads ['country_at'] = 'Austria'
$this trads ['country_au'] = 'Australia'
$this trads ['country_aw'] = 'Aruba'
$this trads ['country_ax'] = 'Åland'
$this trads ['country_az'] = 'Azerbaiyán'
$this trads ['country_ba'] = 'Bosnia y Herzegovina'
$this trads ['country_bb'] = 'Barbados'
$this trads ['country_bd'] = 'Bangladesh'
$this trads ['country_be'] = 'Bélgica'
$this trads ['country_bf'] = 'Burkina Faso'
$this trads ['country_bg'] = 'Bulgaria'
$this trads ['country_bh'] = 'Bahréin'
$this trads ['country_bi'] = 'Burundi'
$this trads ['country_bj'] = 'Benín'
$this trads ['country_bl'] = 'San Bartolomé'
$this trads ['country_bm'] = 'Bermudas'
$this trads ['country_bn'] = 'Brunéi'
$this trads ['country_bo'] = 'Bolivia'
$this trads ['country_bq'] = 'Caribe Neerlandés'
$this trads ['country_br'] = 'Brasil'
$this trads ['country_bs'] = 'Bahamas'
$this trads ['country_bt'] = 'Bután'
$this trads ['country_bv'] = 'Isla Bouvet'
$this trads ['country_bw'] = 'Botsuana'
$this trads ['country_by'] = 'Bielorrusia'
$this trads ['country_bz'] = 'Belice'
$this trads ['country_ca'] = 'Canadá'
$this trads ['country_cc'] = 'Islas Cocos'
$this trads ['country_cd'] = 'Rep. Dem. del Congo'
$this trads ['country_cf'] = 'República Centroafricana'
$this trads ['country_cg'] = 'República del Congo'
$this trads ['country_ch'] = 'Suiza'
$this trads ['country_ci'] = 'Costa de Marfil'
$this trads ['country_ck'] = 'Islas Cook'
$this trads ['country_cl'] = 'Chile'
$this trads ['country_cm'] = 'Camerún'
$this trads ['country_cn'] = 'China'
$this trads ['country_co'] = 'Colombia'
$this trads ['country_cr'] = 'Costa Rica'
$this trads ['country_cs'] = 'Serbia y Montenegro'
$this trads ['country_cu'] = 'Cuba'
$this trads ['country_cv'] = 'Cabo Verde'
$this trads ['country_cw'] = 'Curazao'
$this trads ['country_cx'] = 'Isla de Navidad'
$this trads ['country_cy'] = 'Chipre'
$this trads ['country_cz'] = 'República Checa'
$this trads ['country_de'] = 'Alemania'
$this trads ['country_dj'] = 'Yibuti'
$this trads ['country_dk'] = 'Dinamarca'
$this trads ['country_dm'] = 'Dominica'
$this trads ['country_do'] = 'República Dominicana'
$this trads ['country_dz'] = 'Argelia'
$this trads ['country_ec'] = 'Ecuador'
$this trads ['country_ee'] = 'Estonia'
$this trads ['country_eg'] = 'Egipto'
$this trads ['country_eh'] = 'República Árabe Saharaui Democrática'
$this trads ['country_er'] = 'Eritrea'
$this trads ['country_es'] = 'España'
$this trads ['country_et'] = 'Etiopía'
$this trads ['country_fi'] = 'Finlandia'
$this trads ['country_fj'] = 'Fiyi'
$this trads ['country_fk'] = 'Islas Malvinas'
$this trads ['country_fm'] = 'Micronesia'
$this trads ['country_fo'] = 'Islas Feroe'
$this trads ['country_fr'] = 'Francia'
$this trads ['country_ga'] = 'Gabón'
$this trads ['country_gb'] = 'Reino Unido'
$this trads ['country_gd'] = 'Granada'
$this trads ['country_ge'] = 'Georgia'
$this trads ['country_gf'] = 'Guayana Francesa'
$this trads ['country_gg'] = 'Guernsey'
$this trads ['country_gh'] = 'Ghana'
$this trads ['country_gi'] = 'Gibraltar'
$this trads ['country_gl'] = 'Groenlandia'
$this trads ['country_gm'] = 'Gambia'
$this trads ['country_gn'] = 'Guinea'
$this trads ['country_gp'] = 'Guadalupe'
$this trads ['country_gq'] = 'Guinea Ecuatorial'
$this trads ['country_gr'] = 'Grecia'
$this trads ['country_gs'] = 'Islas Georgias del Sur y Sandwich del Sur'
$this trads ['country_gt'] = 'Guatemala'
$this trads ['country_gu'] = 'Guam'
$this trads ['country_gw'] = 'Guinea-Bissau'
$this trads ['country_gy'] = 'Guyana'
$this trads ['country_hk'] = 'Hong Kong'
$this trads ['country_hm'] = 'Islas Heard y McDonald'
$this trads ['country_hn'] = 'Honduras'
$this trads ['country_hr'] = 'Croacia'
$this trads ['country_ht'] = 'Haití'
$this trads ['country_hu'] = 'Hungría'
$this trads ['country_id'] = 'Indonesia'
$this trads ['country_ie'] = 'Irlanda'
$this trads ['country_il'] = 'Israel'
$this trads ['country_im'] = 'Isla de Man'
$this trads ['country_in'] = 'India'
$this trads ['country_io'] = 'Territorio Británico del Ocaeacute;ano Índico'
$this trads ['country_iq'] = 'Iraq'
$this trads ['country_ir'] = 'Irán'
$this trads ['country_is'] = 'Islandia'
$this trads ['country_it'] = 'Italia'
$this trads ['country_je'] = 'Jersey'
$this trads ['country_jm'] = 'Jamaica'
$this trads ['country_jo'] = 'Jordania'
$this trads ['country_jp'] = 'Japón'
$this trads ['country_ke'] = 'Kenia'
$this trads ['country_kg'] = 'Kirguistán'
$this trads ['country_kh'] = 'Camboya'
$this trads ['country_ki'] = 'Kiribati'
$this trads ['country_km'] = 'Comoras'
$this trads ['country_kn'] = 'San Cristóbal y Nieves'
$this trads ['country_kp'] = 'Corea del Norte'
$this trads ['country_kr'] = 'Corea del Sur'
$this trads ['country_kw'] = 'Kuwait'
$this trads ['country_ky'] = 'Islas Caimán'
$this trads ['country_kz'] = 'Kazajistán'
$this trads ['country_la'] = 'Laos'
$this trads ['country_lb'] = 'L´bano'
$this trads ['country_lc'] = 'Santa Lucía'
$this trads ['country_li'] = 'Liechtenstein'
$this trads ['country_lk'] = 'Sri Lanka'
$this trads ['country_lr'] = 'Liberia'
$this trads ['country_ls'] = 'Lesoto'
$this trads ['country_lt'] = 'Lituania'
$this trads ['country_lu'] = 'Luxemburgo'
$this trads ['country_lv'] = 'Letonia'
$this trads ['country_ly'] = 'Libia'
$this trads ['country_ma'] = 'Marruecos'
$this trads ['country_mc'] = 'Mónaco'
$this trads ['country_md'] = 'Moldavia'
$this trads ['country_me'] = 'Montenegro'
$this trads ['country_mf'] = 'San Martín'
$this trads ['country_mg'] = 'Madagascar'
$this trads ['country_mh'] = 'Islas Marshall'
$this trads ['country_mk'] = 'República de Macedonia'
$this trads ['country_ml'] = 'Malí'
$this trads ['country_mm'] = 'Birmania'
$this trads ['country_mn'] = 'Mongolia'
$this trads ['country_mo'] = 'Macao'
$this trads ['country_mp'] = 'Islas Marianas del Norte'
$this trads ['country_mq'] = 'Martinica'
$this trads ['country_mr'] = 'Mauritania'
$this trads ['country_ms'] = 'Montserrat'
$this trads ['country_mt'] = 'Malta'
$this trads ['country_mu'] = 'Mauricio'
$this trads ['country_mv'] = 'Maldivas'
$this trads ['country_mw'] = 'Malaui'
$this trads ['country_mx'] = 'México'
$this trads ['country_my'] = 'Malasia'
$this trads ['country_mz'] = 'Mozambique'
$this trads ['country_na'] = 'Namibia'
$this trads ['country_nc'] = 'Nueva Caledonia'
$this trads ['country_ne'] = 'Níger'
$this trads ['country_nf'] = 'Norfolk'
$this trads ['country_ng'] = 'Nigeria'
$this trads ['country_ni'] = 'Nicaragua'
$this trads ['country_nl'] = 'Países Bajos'
$this trads ['country_no'] = 'Noruega'
$this trads ['country_np'] = 'Nepal'
$this trads ['country_nr'] = 'Nauru'
$this trads ['country_nu'] = 'Niue'
$this trads ['country_nz'] = 'Nueva Zelanda'
$this trads ['country_om'] = 'Omán'
$this trads ['country_pa'] = 'Panamá'
$this trads ['country_pe'] = 'Perú'
$this trads ['country_pf'] = 'Polinesia Francesa'
$this trads ['country_pg'] = 'Papúa Nueva Guinea'
$this trads ['country_ph'] = 'Filipinas'
$this trads ['country_pk'] = 'Pakistán'
$this trads ['country_pl'] = 'Polonia'
$this trads ['country_pm'] = 'San Pedro y Miquelón'
$this trads ['country_pn'] = 'Islas Pitcairn'
$this trads ['country_pr'] = 'Puerto Rico'
$this trads ['country_ps'] = 'Territorios palestinos'
$this trads ['country_pt'] = 'Portugal'
$this trads ['country_pw'] = 'Palaos'
$this trads ['country_py'] = 'Paraguay'
$this trads ['country_qa'] = 'Qatar'
$this trads ['country_qc'] = 'Quebec'
$this trads ['country_re'] = 'Reunión'
$this trads ['country_ro'] = 'Rumania'
$this trads ['country_rs'] = 'Serbia'
$this trads ['country_ru'] = 'Rusia'
$this trads ['country_rw'] = 'Ruanda'
$this trads ['country_sa'] = 'Arabia Saudita'
$this trads ['country_sb'] = 'Islas Salomón'
$this trads ['country_sc'] = 'Seychelles'
$this trads ['country_sd'] = 'Sudán'
$this trads ['country_se'] = 'Suecia'
$this trads ['country_sg'] = 'Singapur'
$this trads ['country_sh'] = 'Santa Helena, A. y T.'
$this trads ['country_si'] = 'Eslovenia'
$this trads ['country_sj'] = 'Svalbard y Jan Mayen'
$this trads ['country_sk'] = 'Eslovaquia'
$this trads ['country_sl'] = 'Sierra Leona'
$this trads ['country_sm'] = 'San Marino'
$this trads ['country_sn'] = 'Senegal'
$this trads ['country_so'] = 'Somalia'
$this trads ['country_sr'] = 'Surinam'
$this trads ['country_ss'] = 'Sudán del Sur'
$this trads ['country_st'] = 'Santo Tomé y Príncipe'
$this trads ['country_sv'] = 'El Salvador'
$this trads ['country_sx'] = 'Sint Maarten'
$this trads ['country_sy'] = 'Siria'
$this trads ['country_sz'] = 'Suazilandia'
$this trads ['country_tc'] = 'Islas Turcas y Caicos'
$this trads ['country_td'] = 'Chad'
$this trads ['country_tf'] = 'Territorios Australes Franceses'
$this trads ['country_tg'] = 'Togo'
$this trads ['country_th'] = 'Tailandia'
$this trads ['country_tj'] = 'Tayikistán'
$this trads ['country_tk'] = 'Tokelau'
$this trads ['country_tl'] = 'Timor Oriental'
$this trads ['country_tm'] = 'Turkmenistán'
$this trads ['country_tn'] = 'Túnez'
$this trads ['country_to'] = 'Tonga'
$this trads ['country_tr'] = 'Turquía'
$this trads ['country_tt'] = 'Trinidad y Tobago'
$this trads ['country_tv'] = 'Tuvalu'
$this trads ['country_tw'] = 'Taiwán'
$this trads ['country_tz'] = 'Tanzania'
$this trads ['country_ua'] = 'Ucrania'
$this trads ['country_ug'] = 'Uganda'
$this trads ['country_um'] = 'Islas ultramarinas de Estados Unidos'
$this trads ['country_us'] = 'Estados Unidos'
$this trads ['country_uy'] = 'Uruguay'
$this trads ['country_uz'] = 'Uzbekistán'
$this trads ['country_va'] = 'Ciudad del Vaticano'
$this trads ['country_vc'] = 'San Vicente y las Granadinas'
$this trads ['country_ve'] = 'Venezuela'
$this trads ['country_vg'] = 'Islas Vírgenes Británicas'
$this trads ['country_vi'] = 'Islas Vírgenes de los Estados Unidos'
$this trads ['country_vn'] = 'Vietnam'
$this trads ['country_vu'] = 'Vanuatu'
$this trads ['country_wf'] = 'Wallis y Futuna'
$this trads ['country_ws'] = 'Samoa'
$this trads ['country_xk'] = 'Kosovo'
$this trads ['country_ye'] = 'Yemen'
$this trads ['country_yt'] = 'Mayotte'
$this trads ['country_yu'] = 'Yugoslavia'
$this trads ['country_za'] = 'Sudáfrica'
$this trads ['country_zm'] = 'Zambia'
$this trads ['country_zw'] = 'Zimbabue'

Detailed Description

Countries spanish dictionnary.

Engine / Dictionnary

CaMykS Team
Creation: Dec 2010
Modification: Apr 2018
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Variable Documentation

$this trads['country_ad'] = 'Andorra'
$this trads['country_ae'] = 'Emiratos Árabes Unidos'
$this trads['country_af'] = 'Afganistán'
$this trads['country_ag'] = 'Antigua y Barbuda'
$this trads['country_ai'] = 'Anguila'
$this trads['country_al'] = 'Albania'
$this trads['country_am'] = 'Armenia'
$this trads['country_an'] = 'Antillas Neerlandesas'
$this trads['country_ao'] = 'Angola'
$this trads['country_aq'] = 'Antártida'
$this trads['country_ar'] = 'Argentina'
$this trads['country_as'] = 'Samoa Estadounidense'
$this trads['country_at'] = 'Austria'
$this trads['country_au'] = 'Australia'
$this trads['country_aw'] = 'Aruba'
$this trads['country_ax'] = 'Åland'
$this trads['country_az'] = 'Azerbaiyán'
$this trads['country_ba'] = 'Bosnia y Herzegovina'
$this trads['country_bb'] = 'Barbados'
$this trads['country_bd'] = 'Bangladesh'
$this trads['country_be'] = 'Bélgica'
$this trads['country_bf'] = 'Burkina Faso'
$this trads['country_bg'] = 'Bulgaria'
$this trads['country_bh'] = 'Bahréin'
$this trads['country_bi'] = 'Burundi'
$this trads['country_bj'] = 'Benín'
$this trads['country_bl'] = 'San Bartolomé'
$this trads['country_bm'] = 'Bermudas'
$this trads['country_bn'] = 'Brunéi'
$this trads['country_bo'] = 'Bolivia'
$this trads['country_bq'] = 'Caribe Neerlandés'
$this trads['country_br'] = 'Brasil'
$this trads['country_bs'] = 'Bahamas'
$this trads['country_bt'] = 'Bután'
$this trads['country_bv'] = 'Isla Bouvet'
$this trads['country_bw'] = 'Botsuana'
$this trads['country_by'] = 'Bielorrusia'
$this trads['country_bz'] = 'Belice'
$this trads['country_ca'] = 'Canadá'
$this trads['country_cc'] = 'Islas Cocos'
$this trads['country_cd'] = 'Rep. Dem. del Congo'
$this trads['country_cf'] = 'República Centroafricana'
$this trads['country_cg'] = 'República del Congo'
$this trads['country_ch'] = 'Suiza'
$this trads['country_ci'] = 'Costa de Marfil'
$this trads['country_ck'] = 'Islas Cook'
$this trads['country_cl'] = 'Chile'
$this trads['country_cm'] = 'Camerún'
$this trads['country_cn'] = 'China'
$this trads['country_co'] = 'Colombia'
$this trads['country_cr'] = 'Costa Rica'
$this trads['country_cs'] = 'Serbia y Montenegro'
$this trads['country_cu'] = 'Cuba'
$this trads['country_cv'] = 'Cabo Verde'
$this trads['country_cw'] = 'Curazao'
$this trads['country_cx'] = 'Isla de Navidad'
$this trads['country_cy'] = 'Chipre'
$this trads['country_cz'] = 'República Checa'
$this trads['country_de'] = 'Alemania'
$this trads['country_dj'] = 'Yibuti'
$this trads['country_dk'] = 'Dinamarca'
$this trads['country_dm'] = 'Dominica'
$this trads['country_do'] = 'República Dominicana'
$this trads['country_dz'] = 'Argelia'
$this trads['country_ec'] = 'Ecuador'
$this trads['country_ee'] = 'Estonia'
$this trads['country_eg'] = 'Egipto'
$this trads['country_eh'] = 'República Árabe Saharaui Democrática'
$this trads['country_er'] = 'Eritrea'
$this trads['country_es'] = 'España'
$this trads['country_et'] = 'Etiopía'
$this trads['country_fi'] = 'Finlandia'
$this trads['country_fj'] = 'Fiyi'
$this trads['country_fk'] = 'Islas Malvinas'
$this trads['country_fm'] = 'Micronesia'
$this trads['country_fo'] = 'Islas Feroe'
$this trads['country_fr'] = 'Francia'
$this trads['country_ga'] = 'Gabón'
$this trads['country_gb'] = 'Reino Unido'
$this trads['country_gd'] = 'Granada'
$this trads['country_ge'] = 'Georgia'
$this trads['country_gf'] = 'Guayana Francesa'
$this trads['country_gg'] = 'Guernsey'
$this trads['country_gh'] = 'Ghana'
$this trads['country_gi'] = 'Gibraltar'
$this trads['country_gl'] = 'Groenlandia'
$this trads['country_gm'] = 'Gambia'
$this trads['country_gn'] = 'Guinea'
$this trads['country_gp'] = 'Guadalupe'
$this trads['country_gq'] = 'Guinea Ecuatorial'
$this trads['country_gr'] = 'Grecia'
$this trads['country_gs'] = 'Islas Georgias del Sur y Sandwich del Sur'
$this trads['country_gt'] = 'Guatemala'
$this trads['country_gu'] = 'Guam'
$this trads['country_gw'] = 'Guinea-Bissau'
$this trads['country_gy'] = 'Guyana'
$this trads['country_hk'] = 'Hong Kong'
$this trads['country_hm'] = 'Islas Heard y McDonald'
$this trads['country_hn'] = 'Honduras'
$this trads['country_hr'] = 'Croacia'
$this trads['country_ht'] = 'Haití'
$this trads['country_hu'] = 'Hungría'
$this trads['country_id'] = 'Indonesia'
$this trads['country_ie'] = 'Irlanda'
$this trads['country_il'] = 'Israel'
$this trads['country_im'] = 'Isla de Man'
$this trads['country_in'] = 'India'
$this trads['country_io'] = 'Territorio Británico del Ocaeacute;ano Índico'
$this trads['country_iq'] = 'Iraq'
$this trads['country_ir'] = 'Irán'
$this trads['country_is'] = 'Islandia'
$this trads['country_it'] = 'Italia'
$this trads['country_je'] = 'Jersey'
$this trads['country_jm'] = 'Jamaica'
$this trads['country_jo'] = 'Jordania'
$this trads['country_jp'] = 'Japón'
$this trads['country_ke'] = 'Kenia'
$this trads['country_kg'] = 'Kirguistán'
$this trads['country_kh'] = 'Camboya'
$this trads['country_ki'] = 'Kiribati'
$this trads['country_km'] = 'Comoras'
$this trads['country_kn'] = 'San Cristóbal y Nieves'
$this trads['country_kp'] = 'Corea del Norte'
$this trads['country_kr'] = 'Corea del Sur'
$this trads['country_kw'] = 'Kuwait'
$this trads['country_ky'] = 'Islas Caimán'
$this trads['country_kz'] = 'Kazajistán'
$this trads['country_la'] = 'Laos'
$this trads['country_lb'] = 'L´bano'
$this trads['country_lc'] = 'Santa Lucía'
$this trads['country_li'] = 'Liechtenstein'
$this trads['country_lk'] = 'Sri Lanka'
$this trads['country_lr'] = 'Liberia'
$this trads['country_ls'] = 'Lesoto'
$this trads['country_lt'] = 'Lituania'
$this trads['country_lu'] = 'Luxemburgo'
$this trads['country_lv'] = 'Letonia'
$this trads['country_ly'] = 'Libia'
$this trads['country_ma'] = 'Marruecos'
$this trads['country_mc'] = 'Mónaco'
$this trads['country_md'] = 'Moldavia'
$this trads['country_me'] = 'Montenegro'
$this trads['country_mf'] = 'San Martín'
$this trads['country_mg'] = 'Madagascar'
$this trads['country_mh'] = 'Islas Marshall'
$this trads['country_mk'] = 'República de Macedonia'
$this trads['country_ml'] = 'Malí'
$this trads['country_mm'] = 'Birmania'
$this trads['country_mn'] = 'Mongolia'
$this trads['country_mo'] = 'Macao'
$this trads['country_mp'] = 'Islas Marianas del Norte'
$this trads['country_mq'] = 'Martinica'
$this trads['country_mr'] = 'Mauritania'
$this trads['country_ms'] = 'Montserrat'
$this trads['country_mt'] = 'Malta'
$this trads['country_mu'] = 'Mauricio'
$this trads['country_mv'] = 'Maldivas'
$this trads['country_mw'] = 'Malaui'
$this trads['country_mx'] = 'México'
$this trads['country_my'] = 'Malasia'
$this trads['country_mz'] = 'Mozambique'
$this trads['country_na'] = 'Namibia'
$this trads['country_nc'] = 'Nueva Caledonia'
$this trads['country_ne'] = 'Níger'
$this trads['country_nf'] = 'Norfolk'
$this trads['country_ng'] = 'Nigeria'
$this trads['country_ni'] = 'Nicaragua'
$this trads['country_nl'] = 'Países Bajos'
$this trads['country_no'] = 'Noruega'
$this trads['country_np'] = 'Nepal'
$this trads['country_nr'] = 'Nauru'
$this trads['country_nu'] = 'Niue'
$this trads['country_nz'] = 'Nueva Zelanda'
$this trads['country_om'] = 'Omán'
$this trads['country_pa'] = 'Panamá'
$this trads['country_pe'] = 'Perú'
$this trads['country_pf'] = 'Polinesia Francesa'
$this trads['country_pg'] = 'Papúa Nueva Guinea'
$this trads['country_ph'] = 'Filipinas'
$this trads['country_pk'] = 'Pakistán'
$this trads['country_pl'] = 'Polonia'
$this trads['country_pm'] = 'San Pedro y Miquelón'
$this trads['country_pn'] = 'Islas Pitcairn'
$this trads['country_pr'] = 'Puerto Rico'
$this trads['country_ps'] = 'Territorios palestinos'
$this trads['country_pt'] = 'Portugal'
$this trads['country_pw'] = 'Palaos'
$this trads['country_py'] = 'Paraguay'
$this trads['country_qa'] = 'Qatar'
$this trads['country_qc'] = 'Quebec'
$this trads['country_re'] = 'Reunión'
$this trads['country_ro'] = 'Rumania'
$this trads['country_rs'] = 'Serbia'
$this trads['country_ru'] = 'Rusia'
$this trads['country_rw'] = 'Ruanda'
$this trads['country_sa'] = 'Arabia Saudita'
$this trads['country_sb'] = 'Islas Salomón'
$this trads['country_sc'] = 'Seychelles'
$this trads['country_sd'] = 'Sudán'
$this trads['country_se'] = 'Suecia'
$this trads['country_sg'] = 'Singapur'
$this trads['country_sh'] = 'Santa Helena, A. y T.'
$this trads['country_si'] = 'Eslovenia'
$this trads['country_sj'] = 'Svalbard y Jan Mayen'
$this trads['country_sk'] = 'Eslovaquia'
$this trads['country_sl'] = 'Sierra Leona'
$this trads['country_sm'] = 'San Marino'
$this trads['country_sn'] = 'Senegal'
$this trads['country_so'] = 'Somalia'
$this trads['country_sr'] = 'Surinam'
$this trads['country_ss'] = 'Sudán del Sur'
$this trads['country_st'] = 'Santo Tomé y Príncipe'
$this trads['country_sv'] = 'El Salvador'
$this trads['country_sx'] = 'Sint Maarten'
$this trads['country_sy'] = 'Siria'
$this trads['country_sz'] = 'Suazilandia'
$this trads['country_tc'] = 'Islas Turcas y Caicos'
$this trads['country_td'] = 'Chad'
$this trads['country_tf'] = 'Territorios Australes Franceses'
$this trads['country_tg'] = 'Togo'
$this trads['country_th'] = 'Tailandia'
$this trads['country_tj'] = 'Tayikistán'
$this trads['country_tk'] = 'Tokelau'
$this trads['country_tl'] = 'Timor Oriental'
$this trads['country_tm'] = 'Turkmenistán'
$this trads['country_tn'] = 'Túnez'
$this trads['country_to'] = 'Tonga'
$this trads['country_tr'] = 'Turquía'
$this trads['country_tt'] = 'Trinidad y Tobago'
$this trads['country_tv'] = 'Tuvalu'
$this trads['country_tw'] = 'Taiwán'
$this trads['country_tz'] = 'Tanzania'
$this trads['country_ua'] = 'Ucrania'
$this trads['country_ug'] = 'Uganda'
$this trads['country_um'] = 'Islas ultramarinas de Estados Unidos'
$this trads['country_us'] = 'Estados Unidos'
$this trads['country_uy'] = 'Uruguay'
$this trads['country_uz'] = 'Uzbekistán'
$this trads['country_va'] = 'Ciudad del Vaticano'
$this trads['country_vc'] = 'San Vicente y las Granadinas'
$this trads['country_ve'] = 'Venezuela'
$this trads['country_vg'] = 'Islas Vírgenes Británicas'
$this trads['country_vi'] = 'Islas Vírgenes de los Estados Unidos'
$this trads['country_vn'] = 'Vietnam'
$this trads['country_vu'] = 'Vanuatu'
$this trads['country_wf'] = 'Wallis y Futuna'
$this trads['country_ws'] = 'Samoa'
$this trads['country_xk'] = 'Kosovo'
$this trads['country_ye'] = 'Yemen'
$this trads['country_yt'] = 'Mayotte'
$this trads['country_yu'] = 'Yugoslavia'
$this trads['country_za'] = 'Sudáfrica'
$this trads['country_zm'] = 'Zambia'
$this trads['country_zw'] = 'Zimbabue'