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FileManager Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for FileManager:


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 FileManager Input
Displays a file manager and allows users to manage the folder contents
Features :
+ 3 modes : manage | selection | requestlink
+ browse files from given folder (default input folder is default site folder)
- view : cols
- view : list
. view : bigicons
. view : smallicons
. view : slideshow
+ upload files (case of rights)
+ create new folders (case of rights)
+ reload action button
. duplicate action button
+ rename action button (+ alert: some links may be broken)
. compress file/folder action button
. uncompress file/folder action button
+ download file action button
+ delete folders and files (case of rights)
+ file description (type, size, creation date, modification date, more ...)
. show visible/invisible file only
. browsing file filter (case of file extension)
+ store view prefs for each admin (in a cookie)
. upload file filter < input type="file" name="" devices="file" accept="text/ *" >
. folder create error management
. file upload error management
. file upload file already exists
. file image thumbnail (for jpg and png)
. rebuild system with ajax.